Cabinet Modifications

Problem solving modifications make our cabinetry both expressive and smart

Schrock understands that no two projects are alike. That’s why we offer dozens of cabinet modifications – whether to work around certain space limitations, create a more custom look or simply to add some personalization to the room. Listed below are just a few examples. Your kitchen designer can work with you to make your dreams come true!

Reduced or Increased Depths

While Schrock’s cabinets come in a standard depth (12” for wall and 24” for base), most of our wall, base or tall cabinets can be increased or decreased in depth by 1” increments.

Valance Modification

Now, an easy modification to almost any base cabinet, a decorative valance at the toekick can add special flair to islands or sink areas, creating a furniture look and visual focal point.

Functional Door on End

Accommodate for greater access to your cabinet contents. New functional ends allow for additional end run cabinet storage.