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Get Started

Trust Schrock to help you every step of the way.

Rest assured: Schrock offers the style, service and support you need to make confident decisions about your cabinets.

For over 50 years, Schrock has been building quality, hand-crafted cabinets. From selecting a style that best fits your personality to caring for your newly installed cabinets, look to Schrock for everything you need to build your dream.

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  • Find Your Style
    cabinet style

    Find Your Style

    From rich traditional styling to a clean modern look, Schrock offers hand-crafted products that will capture your personal vision and endure the test of time. Browse our Schrock galleries to explore the possibilities.

    Design Styles »

    Learn about cabinet styles to discover which one works for you.

    Inspiration Galleries »

    We have four easy ways to find your signature style.

  • Design Your Room
    cabinet design

    Design Your Room

    Remodeling can often be overwhelming. To help you, Schrock has created resources so you can determine what's right for your lifestyle and your bottom line. Learn about cabinet construction, budgeting, and how to work with a design professional to ensure your design project is a success.

    Do you have a budget? Need to create one? We can help.

    Renovation Budget Calculator ››


    Design 101 »

    Think about these basic design principles and how they relate to your lifestyle.

    Working with a Designer  »

    Learn how to prepare for the first meeting.

    Trends »

    What's in style today… and tomorrow.

    Green Guide »

    Find out how we're making a difference.


    Cabinet 101  »

    We’ll help you sort through all the different styles of cabinets out there.

    Construction »

    Behind the handsome, durable exterior of every cabinet is a world of thoughtful solutions designed to make life easier.

    Choosing a Wood »

    Woods act and age differently, so read our guide before settling on a specific wood type.

    Finishes, Glazes & Opaques »

    Find the lustrous finish that’s right for you.

    Finishing Techniques »

    Add personal touches to give your cabinets a time-honored look.

    Choosing Hardware  »

    Find ways to make a style statement with these details.

    Organization »

    Smart solutions to organize your kitchen that save you time.

    Modifications »

    Have a special need? Schrock’s modifications may solve your problem.

    Moulding & Accents  »

    Select finishing touches to complete your vision.

    Budget Calculator »

    Figure out your remodeling project’s budget with our simple guide.

  • Plan Your Project
    remodeling planning

    Plan Your Project

    When it comes to remodeling, the time it takes to complete a job correlates directly to the amount of work that needs to be done. Simply replacing cabinets requires a timeline, while knocking down walls or building room additions necessitates a schedule that will be controlled by your contractor. We’ve created some simple guidelines to get your project off the ground.

    Measure Twice »

    A simple how-to guide for measuring your space.

    Living Through Your Remodel  »

    Life doesn’t stop during a remodeling project, so here are some helpful tips to keep you and your project on track.

    How to Order »

    Let our trusted cabinet dealers help you create the perfect room.

  • Install Your Cabinets
    cabinet installation

    Install Your Cabinets

    Whether you’re planning on installing your cabinets yourself or hiring a professional, preparation is the key to success. These resources offer key steps in ensuring a smooth installation.

    Preparing for Construction »

    Tips to get you and your project ready.

    Working With Your Installer »

    Finding a recommended installer starts things off right.

  • Love Your Space

    Love Your Space

    The work is complete and your new kitchen is all you dreamed it would be. Keep your beautiful cabinetry looking and functioning great with these helpful resources.   

    Care & Cleaning  »

    Maintain the beauty of your cabinets with these recommendations.

    Touch-Ups »

    Cover a nick or scratch with your Schrock touch-up kit.

    Adjustments »

    Follow these best practices to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

    Warranty »

    You can trust our commitment to you.