New Cabinet Organization and Accessory Products

Work Smart

Make the most out of your space by choosing cabinets that work with you, not against you. Our latest roundup of introductions features cabinets built to simplify your life by keeping organization top of mind. Consider your clutter concealed. And while you’re at it, explore other new cabinet accessories that will give your space exactly what you’re looking for.

Wall Box Column Pull-out and Base Cabinet Tiered Drawer for K-Cup® Storage

A Wall Box Column Pull-out and a Tiered Drawer provide a hospitable space for modern beverage stations and the requisite K-Cups® and drink accoutrement. Keep your countertops uncluttered and critical pick-me-ups conveniently within reach.

Base Food Storage Organizer Cabinet

A smarter container for food containers has arrived. This welcome advance in cabinetry storage provides greater visibility and access to both containers and lids. Meaning, you’ll no longer have to spend a seemingly endless amount of time searching for that one lid to fit your food storage container. That’s a win!

Base Wastebasket Expansion

Twin 27-quart wastebaskets, available in three 15” wide configurations, make it easy to send trash and recycling packing, while pulling the most out of limited interior space.

Base Cabinet with Mixer Lift Offering Smart Stop Feature

The smooth-gliding, soft-closing innovation of the Base Cabinet with Mixer Lift Smart Stop feature eliminates the need for unnecessary bending, stooping and potentially dangerous lifting.

Pantry Walk-Through Cabinet

Tall cabinets feature full-height doors and are built without backs or bottoms to create a walk-through design that matches your choice of cabinetry. So, rather than disrupt design continuity, create customized pantry doorways to serve as a cohesive element that enhances your room.

Shiplap Material Hoods

Introducing Shiplap Material Hoods in either a straight or tapered design, allowing you to achieve the popular farmhouse look in your kitchen. Both the straight and tapered hoods are compatible with all existing blowers and are available with or without matching corbels.

Natural Interior on White Cabinets

More pleasing to the eyes, natural interiors on white cabinets offer a more streamlined aesthetic. And, they are equally durable and easily cleanable.

Cove Corbels

Cove Corbels in two sizes and five materials support the perfect balance of flexibility, reliability and affordability. The streamlined design pairs nicely with Shaker or transitional designs. Available in Maple, Alder, Cherry, Hickory and Oak.