New Cabinet Finishes/Colors

Inspiring Exteriors

Schrock is launching a line-up of trend-forward finishes/colors, upping the personalization game with new Paint and Purestyle™ choices, expanded glazing options, and the opportunity to personalize your sheen! 

Distance Paint

Just like the ocean waves, we’ve always had a strong pull toward the color blue, and our love for the new Distance Paint is no exception.  With slightly warm undertones that are muted by a touch of gray, this blue hue, exclusive to the Boutique™ Series, brings both a new color option and definition of neutral to the table.

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Naval Paint

Conjuring up images of the depths of the sea, vastness of the sky, and the comfort of dusk, you will be swept away by the vibrancy of Naval.  Offered exclusively in the Boutique™ Series, this color feels personal yet neutral.

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New Boutique™ Series Paints

We are pleased to welcome Dover, Lambswool, Limestone, Moonstone and Seaside to the Boutique™ Series Paint lineup.  Now available across all 3 Schrock series, these 5 colors are perfect as standalone colors or paired with a complementary finish and make it easier than ever to complete the look you have been envisioning.

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New Boutique™ Series Stains

Attention paints – make some room! It’s time to share the stage! The introduction of 5 Trademark™ and Entra™ Series stains allows even more options in the premium Boutique™ Series.  Henna, Thatch, Havana*, Chocolate and Cattail are beautiful additions to the stain palette. 

*Havana is available only in the Trademark and Boutique Series.

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Penned Glazes on Stains

Amaretto Crème and Toasted Almond penned glazes are now available on all stains in select species within the Schrock Boutique™ Series.

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Matte Sheen

From lipstick to home goods to appliances, matte finishes are showing up everywhere, and our cabinets are no exception. Available in the Boutique™ and Trademark™ Series on any stain, any species and offered at the same price as our current Satin sheen, our new Matte sheen top coat absorbs more light for a softer, more natural appearance.


Icy Avalanche

Warm or cool, white is defined by the rest of the colors in a room. Schrock adds to your arsenal of color with Icy Avalanche - a beautiful white paint featuring warm gray undertones. Also available in PureStyle™ in select Entra™ Series door styles.

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Continuing to build on our palette of timeless neutrals, Schrock brings a light, warm greige to the palette. Limestone paint pairs beautifully with wood stains and other paints, and is right in line with today’s most popular choices in countertop and flooring. Also available in PureStyle™ in Entra™ Series door styles.

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The smooth, horizontal wood grain of Kona's warm medium to dark shades of brown lend cozy comfort to any space on the Rivali door style in the Entra™ Series.

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Ashen Strata

Offering light to medium shades of gray to accent a variety of popular aesthetics, the Ashen Strata is a smooth, horizontal wood grain laminate option for the Rivali door style in the Entra™ Series.  

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Maritime in PureStyle™

Blending hues reminiscent of wind and waves, Maritime is an on-trend, exciting neutral PureStyle™ color that is a flawless complement to many colors for a fresh, casual look, available in select Entra™ Series door styles.

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Moonstone in PureStyle™

Moonstone, a medium gray PureStyle™ color with distinct character and charm, proves effective at drawing attention to unique features in a space, available in select Entra™ Series door styles.

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