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Organization Cabinets

Hard Working: Organization & Storage Cabinets

Our inspired new offerings in storage cabinets work hard so you don't have to, freeing your time for bigger and better things.

4LazySusanMHsSSmarter Storage: Lazy Susan Cabinet with Pull-Out

Our Lazy Susan with Pull-Out features a chrome roto with center pull out sections for easy accessibility, which means more storage options for corner cabinets.




4CabmatMDvANew Size: 33" Wide Sink Base with CabMat™

This popular heavy-duty rubber mat is now available in 33" wide sink base cabinets and as an accessory.





4PdownShelfMHsSEasy Reach: Wall Cabinet with Pull Down Shelf

This 36" wide, two-tiered shelf pulls down, bringing items in wall cabinets within easy counter-level reach.  

It holds up to 26 lbs, and features a controlled lift mechanism that reduces resistance.





Wide Open Storage: 2-Drawer Base

We now offer our 2-Drawer Base Cabinet without a roll tray, creating an option with deeper drawers for those who need more room to store larger items.





4VertLiftCabCCoAOn-Trend Convenience: Wall Lift Cabinet with Vertical Doors

New lift-style doors feature smooth-operating vertical mechanisms and an on-trend horizontal proportion. 

Available in 30" and 36" widths and 18" and 21" heights.




4ToekickDrwCCoSReclaim Wasted Space: Toekick Drawer Options

We're making our toekick drawer modification available on selected 21"-24" deep cabinets with standard toekick areas. 

Just think of the uses in offices, bathrooms, and other small spaces.




4VanHamperMCldSAt Your Request: Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Expansion

We've added a wide range of bathroom vanity cabinet expansions to meet your needs, including an 18" wide base vanity hamper, 18" depth to 34 1/2" high vanities, and more. See your Schrock dealer for additional detail.




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