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New Cabinet Organization

Room for More: New Organization

We're introducing a range of storage-stretching elements and accessories that will make every space in your home seem bigger and work smarter. Some are meant to be beautifully visible parts of the room, while others work quietly under cover to make daily life easier.

3MessagCtrBaseMCldS2Base Message Center

Put clutter in its place—neatly organized behind closed doors—with our new Base Message Center. Features include a magazine holder, mail holder, and bulletin board for appointment cards, reminders and the like.




3CleanCaddyMCldSSink Base Cleaning Caddy

This caddy not only organizes your cleaning supplies, it has a removable wire rack so you can carry them from room to room.





3PullDownSpiceMCldS3Wall Pull Down Spice Rack

Say good-bye to reaching or straining. Our pull-down spice rack puts your ingredients at eye level.




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